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Letter From Billy Lee, Son of Lee Wah Yook


To Whom It May Concern:

I, William R. Lee, the son of the late Sifu Lee Wah Yook, am acknowledging that Mark Joseph Bram was chosen by my father to be his first and only student to carry on his unique style.

Mark diligently studied under my father for eleven years. He also taught Mark a certain secret technique, that was only to be taught to his son or the few chosen to carry on his art. These techniques were instructed not to be shown to the general public.

When Mark was first being considered as a student, his tenacity was tested by exercises thought too difficult to stand. But to my father's surprise, he passed the tests. My father was pleased at how fast Mark learned and how hard he tried. My father was also concerned about the safety of Mark and anyone who he would train with. He was not aware of how much power he possessed or how to use it. After many years of training, Mark has learned how to use and control the power properly; not only for self defense, but the power to heal as well, which he is still continuously studying.

The core of the system is based on Yeung (Yang) Style Tai Chi Chaun. My father started teaching Mark Sil Lum (Shaolin) and Fu Hok Tai Hei Morn until Mark developed Hypoglycemia, at that point my father then turned his attention to teaching him Tai Chi. As Mark became proficient, my father started adding various techniques and training exercises from the various styles that my father had learned, to form a cohesive fighting style based on Mark's strengths.

Lee Wah Yook was president of the Eastern United States Kung Fu Federation, the New England Branch. The various styles that he was proficient in were:

· Sil Lum which he learned in China; teacher unknown.

· Yang Style Tai Chi; learned from Sifu Chu Gin Soon [disciple of Grandmaster Yeung (Yang) Sau Chung who was the eldest son of Yeung Ching Po (Yang Cheng Fu)] and Yeung Sau Chung.

· Fu Hok Tai Hei Morn, taught to him by Grandmaster Kwong Tit Fu, which is a system whose roots are derived from Hung Gar Tiger Crane, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and Mo Dong Yat He Morn. Kwong Tit Fu's teachers included:

- Master Kwong Chong-Sau / Hung Gar Kumg Kong He Gung
- Master Lum Cho / Hung Gare Tiger Crane
- Master Lum Kum-Tong / the Seven Circulatory Chi Gung
- Master Ng Kum-Lau / Mo Dong Yat He Morn
- Master Ng Wai Nung / Eagle claws / Tai Chi Chuan

My father traveled back to Hong Kong with Master Kwong to study with one of his teachers. I seem to remember that it was Master Ng Kum Lau, but I can't be quite sure. What I do remember are photographs from the trips of the Master and mentioning the style Mo Dong.

Sincerely yours,





In on the  day of 19 before me personally appeared WILLIAM R. LEE, to me known and known by me to be the party executing the foregoing instrument and he acknowledged said instrument by him executed to be his free act and deed.

Kelly A.Connell
Notary Public
My Commission Expires: 4-27-94





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