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2014 Informal Videos From Advanced Class    

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We don't normally show anything from our advanced classes, but we've decided to share these informal videos taken by a student during the summer of 2014. We will be sharing formal videos at a later date.

The above video from Mark Bram's advanced class was taken by a student in July of 2014. In it Mark explains and demonstrates the difference between the beginning set and the advanced martial set.



In this informal video from August of 2014 Mark Bram continues discussing the differences between the beginning and advanced sets. Here he explains the beginning and advanced martial set application of Brush Knee Twist Step.


In September of 2014 Mark Bram continues his discussion of the transition and evolution of Tai Chi moves from the beginning set to the advanced martial set.

In this lesson from October 2014 Mark Bram discusses Tai Chi punching and blocking. The punches were shot twice from different views, in order to better illustrate the application. Note that Jon is 6'3" and weighs 280 lbs.
In this video taken in October of 2014 Mark explains Tai Chi Push Hands and demonstrates different ways of manipulating energy and pushing without muscle.
Why? Because it's a Martial Art!
2003 30 second commercial (8 mb files)        

Please note that we have moved from S. Main St. in Providence to Main St. in Pawtucket.

Older video clips (1999 and earlier)
Large Sticky Hands (1403kb mpg)
The Form (1408kb mpg)
Slow Push hands (1408kb mpg)
Slow Sticky Hands (1408kb mpg)
Sparring (Large 986kb mpg)
Push Hands (Large 1401kb mpg)
Sparring (1208kb avi)
Sticky Hands 3 (1024kb mpg)
Sticky Hands 1 (1440kb mpg)
Sticky Hands 2 (1441kb mpg)
Introduction (1048kb mpg)
Embrace the Tiger (777kb mpg)
Push Hands (1269kb mpg)
Push Hands 2 (1441kb mpg)
Push Hands (short) (163kb mpg)
Spar (short) (587kb avi)
Spar 2 (122kb mpg)
Spar 3 (458kb mpg)

Spar 4 (862kb avi)

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